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Guidelines for Use of the Certification in Print or on Digital Platforms:

General Guidelines and Restrictions:

  • The Mark is special because and thus must not be copied or used as part of a design in any manner.
  • The Mark is not allowed to be used in any way that depreciates/downgrades the Sattvik Council of Australia or our programs.
  • The Mark is a symbol that is approved by the Sattvik Council of Australia. It must not be changed in any way – it can’t be animated, or look different from its original design.

Certification Symbol Placement:

  • The Certification Symbol means that the business or product(s) or service(s) is approved by Sattvik Council of Australia. You can see it on packaging, advertisements, and websites. It does not dictates that such product or service or business is being promoted by SCA.
  • There are no strict requirements for where the Certification Symbol should be placed on individual packaging. For the products, Certification Symbol can be placed on packaging anywhere. For services or businesses, Certification Symbol can be placed anywhere on Print or the website.

Certification Symbol Size:

  • Certification Symbol can be sized as required in print or in digital form. There are no strict guidelines for its size on the packaging or on the website.
  • SCA requires that the symbol must be used as it is provided with no change in its artwork.

In case of violation of any of these rules, an immediate request to correct the problem will be made to fix the issues. If the Certification Symbol is not presented within 30 days then SCA has right to terminate the contract and prohibit the use of the certificate.

Proprietary Rights on Certification Symbol And Right to Revoke:

  • Failure to comply in any way with SCA contract.
  • Non-payment of the licensing fee.
  • Misapplication of the Certification Symbol – If Sattvik Council of Australia requests it, Licensee will immediately stop using the Certification Symbol and destroy all nonconforming materials in their possession that bear the Certification Symbol if, at any point, the company fails to comply with the standards and specifications that served as the basis for the Certification in more than an insignificant manner.
    Additionally, the licensee is required to notify all distributors, advertisers, and clients who may have non-compliant Certified units and related advertising displaying the Certification Symbol right away. If Sattvik Council of Australia asks it, Licensee shall instruct all sub-licenses to immediately destroy all nonconforming materials in their control that bear the Certification Symbol.
  • Sattvik Council of Australia reserves the right to assess a penalty fee to any company that is found in violation of the merchant agreement by misuse of the Certification Mark or by providing false or misleading information regarding ingredients and processings of products and/or business operations.

If you have any concerns or questions then please contact us.