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About Sattvik Council

The Sattvik Council of Australia is dedicated to ensuring that all food, consumer products, and services in Australia and beyond are of the highest quality and unbiased. We have created standards to help ensure this happens, and thus certify products and services to give consumers peace of mind.

The Sattvik Certification provides modern-day safety regulations and quality management systems based on sound scientific principles and ancient Vedic wisdom. It is developed by aligning the principles of modern democracies.

The certification process by the Council would help to improve the quality and fairness of the system by making a significant impact on the ways the various system currently process things.

Disclaimer: Sattvik Council of Australia promotes Vedic values in all aspects of living in Australia and other places. Having said that, the word “Sattvik” has a very deep meaning and is meant for a very niche food range only. Whereas we are here to promote purity and unbiasedness for all items – food, consumable products and services.

Our Goal

The Sattvik Council of Australia is trying to fix the problem of quality and prejudice in products and services by teaching people about good quality standards so that everyone can have the same level of quality in their lives.

The Sattvik Council of Australia is focused on creating standardized procedures in all areas where quality and standards can be improved. This helps to ensure that all aspects of the organization are carried out to the highest possible standards. In addition, the Council provides training and certification for employees and provides ongoing guidance and support to senior management. Finally, it offers cost-effective methods for achieving quality standards.

Sattvik certification is a way to make sure that products and services are safe and fit for use, and that they can be exchanged with other products and services. The certification is done by an independent third party, and it’s done at least once a year. The purpose of the certification is to make sure that the systems in place are accurate and effective, whatever the situation.