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Registration Process

The Sattvik Council of Australia is accepting applications from Australia and all over the world. If your application is approved, a quotation will be issued, and an internal audit and evaluation will be done to make sure that your application meets the standards and specifications required for certification. After this, an agreement/contract will be drawn up for a specific period of time.

Generally, it takes about 1 month to review and audit. But it may take a bit longer for bigger submissions.

The Sattvik Council of Australia trademark is hereinafter referred to as ‘Certification Symbol’. The units that carry Certification Symbol are all Sattvik certified, meaning they have the highest quality and purity standards. The council also makes sure that your products/services are unbiased and treat all consumers equally.

Key Points About Process & Policies:

  • The applicant/company needs to submit a complete application online with information about their products and their ingredients and processing. This information is necessary for certification as a Sattvik company.
  • After you submit your application, the Sattvik team will look through it and any questions or additional paperwork you may need will be sent to you.
  • The process of reviewing products and documentation will take some time, depending on how many applications are received and submitted.
  • The Sattvik Council of Australia will decide if your product is approved or not after reviewing the information and products you have provided.
  • If the Sattvik Council of Australia decides to proceed further with the approval process then you have to go through a process step-by-step. This process is mandatory for the company.
  • If a company does not meet SCA’s standards, SCA can stop the certification process mid-way. SCA will send the company a copy of an agreement to review and sign.

    Once SCA receives the document and licensing fee then SCA will send the company a certificate approving the use of the SCA certification mark for the company.
  • The Sattvik Council of Australia will be providing certification artwork in the form of a .gif, jpeg file. The artwork may not be altered in any way, and any violations of these rules will result in an immediate request to fix the error.

    If the artwork is not correctly presented within one month, the Sattvik Council of Australia may terminate the use of the certification.

    After a 12-month period, the company will be reviewed and a representative from the company will need to sign an updated agreement and submit an annual licensing fee to continue using the certification.
  • The food sector and manufacturing Companies using certification must notify the Sattvik Council of Australia in writing if any of their ingredients change, and provide new ingredient lists for verification and approval.
  • If a company like to obtain any other certification other than the ones required by the state or central governments then they must notify SCA. SCA will review the terms of other certifications to make sure that they comply with SCA principles and values. If not, then SCA reserves the right to terminate the certification immediately.
  • Company must notify the SCA if the company moves or changes its website address or is purchased by another company. If a company uses the Certification, this does not mean that the SCA license is automatically transferred.